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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter:now at eight: >>she was a quiet student but in that quiet there was this power, this light. >> reporter:remembering the teenage girl declared brain dead after what was supposed to be a routine operation. tonight her family's very public grief as they struggle to keep her on life support. >> i will not let them take you to the coroner;s office. i won't whoosh >> reporter:happening right now: the aftermath of a gunman's murderous rampage at a hospital in reno. two dead and the investigation just beginning. >>"we've collected probably two dozen witnesses that we are in the process of interviewing right now." >>whoosh >> reporter:big flames in big sur. some houses are standing some not the local fire chief loses her home, but tonight there is progress to report. whoosh
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and that bizarre incident on the san mateo bridge last week? prosecutors now filing attempted murder charges against the man they fished out of the water. >> reporter:whoosh >> reporter:it's judd versus judd in the tabloids: actress ashley accusing singer wynona of spying on her. >>"ashley claims a mechanic working on her mini cooper found a gps device like this one attached to the >> pam: new at 8. >> pam: it's been a very difficult time for fellow classmates of jahi mccmath. kron4's scott rates went to the teen's school and spoke to administrators. they share how they're helping her fellow classmates through this tough time and shows us what kind of student jahi is. >> i can feel my daughter. a gift of the sheet is trapped within her own body. i let her know that i will not allow them to take you to
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the coroner's office jahi, i will not. >> reporter: is the afternoon the family attorney announced children's hospital in all one has decided to give the family time to decide what its next four jahi. >> we are not on doctors times anymore we are on the guts time. god's time. >> reporter: no brain activity. but the family says there is no reason to remove her from life support. >> the big picture here is the medicine they provided did not work so it is time to let god work.
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>> reporter: mother says for now hard border remains alive and she is holding out for a miracle. >> she is alive for me. she still has a heart beat and i laid my head on her chest i hear it. she is not bad on i think of something that i think of something called and not pleasant to the eye but she is still very pleasant to the light and warm, soft id. it's just like she is asleep. i pray over her to let her know that i am fighting for her and her mother will never stop fighting for her. >> pam: our hearts go out to
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this patient and her family we are doing everything in our capacity to provide support for the grieving family this was stated from the hospital. >> reporter: >> pam: they say thatjahi is perfect the least time she went into the procedure and she blacked out after the procedure. bled out. >> we were told that she was healing because she's on a ventilator. as i stated earlier that is a good think because she's resting and we believe that with all the prayers from everyone are around the world in family that she will wake up. >> pam: jahi's story was the
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most view on the sea and in sight. cnn website >> reporter: school administrators talk about the eighth grader that is full of life and a leader in the classroom and someone who has a very smart future. >> reporter:these are the playgrounds, classrooms, and school hall where 13-year- old jahi mcmath has played, studied, and made friends for the past nine years >> she is very personable. >> reporter:lisa blair is the chief operating officer at e.c. reems academy of technology and arts in east oakland she has watched jahi grow up, starting when she was in kindergarten. >> was up person that everyone would want to have
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as a friend. very quiet but a power and this might that existed with and hard. within her. >> want to make sure that the students and staff understand what is going on accurate that they feel safe and do not kind of hold everything and. because once they've to it will impact them in a different way. >> gary: most importantly she will respect the wishes of jahi's >> reporter: they will be ready to drink in grief counselors if that is necessary. kron 4 news
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now blair finds herself explaining to jahi friends on life support. blair says she will continue to comfort those classmates who need it, as well as talking to their parents but most importantly she says is to respect the wishes of jahi's family. >> reporter:the big fire in big sur kept growing today.more than a dozen homes destoryed so far. containment is up to 20 percent.and the weather cooperated today with little to no wind.these are aerial courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. 22 buildings have been homes and one of the houses belongs to the big sur fire 769 acres.a little over a square mile. no injuries. the cause is under investigation. kron four's >> reporter:the battle on tuesday was focused in the canyon between pheiffer ridge and sycamore canyon road spotdamage was done and where at least a hundred people were chased from their homes. >> reporter: >> pam: scores of inmates joined a growing army of
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forestto keep the flames from jumping east across highway one. we'll continue to follow developments. you can always find the latest information on and our facebook and twitter pages. >> pam: an explosion at the santa rita jail in dublin has left eleven people injured and one person in critical condition tonight. you are watching video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7. the explosion happened just before noon today. facilities kitchen. authorities say it blew the oven's door off while inmates were baking nearby. the cause of the explosion is till being investigated. arson and a natural gas leak are some of the possible causes being examined. >> reporter:an early morning fire at a redwood city recycling center sent smoke and strong odors into nearby neighborhoods. this is the in just the past two month. kron 4's charles clifford was in redwood city today. he has details on the fire and also on how the company is responding.
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>> pam: no, this fire is completely out. this all started around 12:50 early this morning when employees here at sims metal management heard an explosion and found a fire burning in what they refer to as a stockpile of light iron recyclable metal. >> reporter:for several hours the fire put smoke and a strong metallic odor into the air. santa clara county public health officials issued a shelter in place advisory, but it was only an advisory. >> reporter: fire crews from redwood city and sims employees were finally able to bring the blaze under control by around 10 tuesday morning. by mid afternoon, almost no trace of the burning rubble remained. sims general manager jim banigan says the metal was actually put into a shredder while it was burning. >> reporter:this is the second fire at this location in the past six weeks. this 2 alarm blaze broke out on november 10th sending smoke and a strong odor all over the bay area. following the november fire, the company says it has changed operating procedures. they say they now seperate wrecked cars away from other metals, have put in fire breaks between scrap piles, and are monitoring stockpiles with infrared
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sensors. s >> reporter:but so far they don't know what sparked either the recent blaze. >>we are still investigating the last fire and we are investigating this fire and we can not determine a cause but we are not going to are going to uncover what is understand why these fires us to tell them. >> reporter: put smoke and a strong metallic odor into the air. santa clara county public health officials issued a shelter in place advisory, but it was only an advisory. >> reporter:fire crews from redwood city and sims employees were finally able to bring the blaze under control by around 10 tuesday morning. by mid afternoon, almost no trace of the burning rubble remained. sims general manager jim banigan says the metal was actually put into a shredder while it was >> pam: developing story in reno.
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>> pam: >> jacqueline: storm system that is mixing up the air and kicking out the pollution out of the bay area. here is a look at satellite with a few returns on the radar off shore is way too dry for us to see anything hit the ground. >> reporter: >> jacqueline: who will talk more about that and the potential for rain coming up in just a bit. >> reporter: developing story in reno >> reporter:we're waiting to learn the identity of the gunman who authorities say opened fire at a hospital campus.killing one person and injuring two
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others before turning the gun on himself. >> reporter:this is new video showing inside the center for advanced medicine and neurology of nevada at the renown regional medical center. police warning medical center workers to stay inside during incident. public safety officials say the wounded victims were in surgery. one of them is a doctor. officials say the wounded doctor is a woman. but no more details were released on the the gunman. >> pam: ahead at eight. mega million frenzy. the 636-million dollar jackpot drawing. we'll reveal the winning numbers. >> pam: plus -- letters to santa. >> pam: how bay area residents are helping santa with this holiday's gift requests.
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and -- facebook rolling out a new feature >> pam: you might not want. how advertisers will now be able to market their products right into users feeds.
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>> pam: mega million fever in california and the bay area. lotto hopefuls vying for tonight's jackpot of 636-million dollars. the second-biggest lottery prize in u-s history. the lottery commission says. tickets for the "mega millions" are being snapped up at a rate of nearly 23- thousand per minute in california alone. here are tonight's numbers. 8114-17-20 if no one wins tonight -- the jackpot for friday night's drawing will be at least 950 million dollars. and lotto officials say it could very easily eclipse the 1-
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billion dollar mark. new at 8. >> pam: christmas is eight days away. and that means santa will soon be on his way. fortunately, he is getting some help from the u.s. postal service. kron 4's john fenoglio shows us how some dedicated volunteers are helping to make christmas wishes come true for children across the country. >>"these are just a few of the gifts that i picked up today." >>barbara duty is a retired postal worker and grandmother but today she's not mailing gifts to family or friends. she's sending toys to complete strangers; needy children who might not get presents this year >>"i get to be one of santa's helpers so that's the cool part." jf: "you're helping them believe, hu?" >>"i am and we all need
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something to believe in these days, especially our kids." >> reporter:the program is called letters to santa. started in 1912, it was an effort by postal workers to respond to the thousands of letters to santa clause that might have otherwise gone unanswered now anyone can get involved and help make a child's christmas wish come true. >> reporter:after selecting a letter or letters addressed to santa you fulfill the wishes it contains and return it to the post office for mailing. the entire process is anonymous. >> reporter:it's not santa's workshop but it is where thousands of letters addressed to santa are sorted everyday. these machines use optical character readers to identify mail addressed to santa and the north pole, where it is then separated and set aside for the letters to santa program. >> reporter:packages must be mailed by this friday to arrive on time for christmas. for more information log on to operation-santa com.
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barack >> pam: >> pam: bay area home sales slid last month amid tight supplies. while prices went up. that's according to research firm, dataquick. >> pam: the research firm says more than 66-hundred homes were sold in november. that number down 11=percent from the same time last year. median sale prices in the nine-county region was 550- thousand dollars. that's up nearly 26-percent from 20-12. lack of inventory is keeping a lid on home sales. >> pam: officials say blame a failed joint appears for a water >> pam: the u-s environmental protection agency says 62 violations regarding compliance with safety procedures. >> reporter: >> pam: chevron could face up to 37-thousand dollars -- per day-- they outline a plan to be in compliance with federal regulations.
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today is on the refinery fire back in august 20-12. that fire was caused by an explosion from a leak in a corroded oil pipe. the repory also says chevron failed to follow plans and policies in case of an accident. >> pam: yesterday-- the u-s chemical safety board also released a report recommending an improved system for regulating refinieries. >> jacqueline: storm system sweeping through tomorrow and the afternoon. high clouds with mild temperatures. when speaking up into the afternoon into thursday morning we could seek a light shower we do have freezing conditions anticipated for friday morning. so tomorrow morning
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still in the '30's 38 in livermore 5 to 10 degrees that to that. 60 in san jose. will also take a look pitcher extended forecast.
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>> pam: gabe slate tech report >> reporter:new at 8. >> reporter:the day that many have feared is now here. facebook is going to start auto-playing video ads in facebook feeds. facebook is a business. theyi think we have all gotton used to social networking being free. >> reporter:that will never last. it's like paying a cover to get into a bar you have to pay to socialize. the big question is will
8:24 pm
this new ad delivery system annoy people enough to leave facebook? >> reporter:first, let me point out one important note this new video ad thing is just being tested by facebook at this time >> reporter:although most industry analysts agree they will be here to stay it's possible facebook will get a lot of negative feedback and pull the plug on this new marketing strategy. >> reporter:we'll see. let's move on so the new auto play video ad feature will work pretty much the way it sounds as you're surfing your feeds on facebook you will run across a video that is already playing here is an example., in this case the video ad is for the film divergent, a movie being released in march. >> reporter:the ad for that film, and the other video ads, runs without sound unless you tap it, in which case you can also expand it to full screen. >> reporter:at the end of auto-play video, a carousel appears where you can click on two additional videos. the videos you see on mobile will have been downloaded in advance via a wi-fi connection so it
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won't affect your data plans. >> reporter:this new video ad feature of facebook is going to slowly roll out you might not see your first video ad for a while >> reporter:what do you think about this? i would like to hear from you. will this be the straw that broke the camels back and make you leave facebook once and for all or. is it not that big of a deal send me a tweet, hit me up on facebook, or send me an email. >> reporter:still ahead at 8 thirty. >> reporter:a man accused of trying to throw his wife over the bridge behind bars. what he's been charged with. plus -- trouble at the international space station. how nasa is handling the repairs. and -- google reveals its most popular searches of this year. what keywords took the top spots.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. it's not clear what caused of 2012. >> pam: allegedly grabbed his wife and tried to tossed her into the bay. news at 8
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alecia reid has more on the charges. soon after- the president >> reporter: as at xavier tried to throw his wife over the bridge. it was an apparent struggle. managing to grab his wife by her lakes and safer from falling into the chilly walter. the personal trainer somehow or ripped his wife's job open during the struggle. jaw open >> her cheeks were literally ripped open and took a lot of surgery to close them. >> reporter: the 47 year old never showed any signs of aggression or paranoia. only
8:32 pm
recently thinking that people were entering the home to kill him. they share three children but there is a restraining order at the time facing attempted murder and domestic abuse charges. >> her life was truly in danger by his conduct. >> reporter: the district attorney says it could have been significant interest to other commuters. that behavior + try to throw his wife over the bridge. >> pam: it is not clear what caused today's deadly crash of a u.s. army helicopter and southland had afghanistan six american service members were killed on person on board was
8:33 pm
injured no there was no insurgent activity in that area at the time of the accident. officials have identified those who died in the crash this was the single deadliest day for u.s. forces in and that afghanistan since august of 2012. >> pam: a serious meeting at the white house tuesday between president obama and the leaders of the nation dictate companies but before they got down to business the president joked with napa exceed ito read hastings mr. obama wanted to know whether hastings have brought at this copies of the hit web series house of cards. business.discussing the n-s-a spying program and the problems with shannon travis reports. >> reporter: proportionate
8:34 pm
to the risk transparent than subject to independent oversight. also on demand sparking much of the bay wrote a letter to an open letter. snowden help to investigate surveillance of brazilian earlier this year. meanwhile the first major legal setback on monday a federal judge says he believes the program is unconstitutional because it does not immediately stop the program it believes the program is constitutional. no comment on the ruling but mr. >> snowden is accused of leaking federal information.
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>> pam: accused l-a-x airport gunman paul anthony ciancia was formally indicted on murder charges today. a federal grand jury issued 11 felony counts, including murder and attempted murder. 23-year-old paul ciancia is >> pam: accused of killing a t-s-a officer and targeting two others during the november 1-st shooting. >> pam: the indictment calls the shooting "an act of terrorism" and says ciancia committed the crimes after substantial planning. if convicted the 23-year-old could face the death penalty. >> pam: george zimmerman can now add "painter" to his resume. >> pam: zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin.and now.he's finding an artistic way to make some money. grant is back with a look at the painting, the hype, and the bidding war. grant? >> reporter: tried to pay off his massive debt by
8:36 pm
selling off some of his artwork. >> reporter:and his first creation, which was listed on ebay this week, has sparked a bidding war that has pushed its price up from a starting point of $0.99 to almost $100,000 as of tuesday morning. it's a blue american flag featuring part of the pledge of allegiance. >>"everyone has been asking what i have been doing with myself," the ebay posting from user therealgeorgez reads. "i found a creative, way to express myself, my emotions and the symbols that represent my hope allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors:-" >> reporter:thus continues the post-trial life of zimmerman, 30, who has been unable to stay out of the news since he was acquitted of murder this summer after
8:37 pm
fatally shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin in sanford, fla., in 2012. he's helped a family whose suv crashed on the freeway. he's visited the factory that produced the gun he used to kill martin. he's been detained, twice, on wife, and then his the first instance he was never arrested, and in the second instance the felony decided to reconcile. >> reporter:and zimmerman is also -- like casey anthony, the most famous florida defendant before he came along -- in his most recent arrest, he claimed to be at least $2 million in debt, with no home and less than $150 in cash. >>elisabeth halliday crazy and not enough sense. josh thayer profiting from murder. what a sick justice system we have. kim sherman first of all it's one nation god. he was found not guilty and is a free american. you don't like it don't buy it. get over yourselves. >> pam: nasa approved a series of urgent spacewalks today to fix a broken cooling line on the international space station. two american astronauts will be performing the repairs. they will be replacing a pump that has a bad valve >> pam: the fix is expected to take as many as three trips to complete. the first walk is scheduled to start saturday. station that was scheduled to launch this week has been delayed until january. the pope also got an
8:38 pm
unexpected birthday gift on tuesday, named person of the year by the advocate, a u.s. lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. the magazine cited the pope's "who am i to judge" comment about gays. francis was also time magazine last week. >> pam: coming up. popular searches on their site. what were keywords did people look up the most plus -- drama at the judd -- celebrity family household. why ashley judd is accusing her own sister of spying on her. good. good answer.
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>> reporter: apparently the winning ticket has been issued right here in the area! san jose! 636 million dollars >> reporter: someone's life has just changed we have the winning numbers on our website 8-14-17-20-39-7 mega ball number is 7
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>> reporter: if no one at 1 tonight it would have been over $900,000 closing in on a billion. $900 million >> pam: congratulations to someone in san jose. >> reporter:north korea 10,
8:42 pm
actor corey month t and that iphone 5 s coming in at no. 3. the top google searches and nelson mandela paul walker iphone 5 escorting my kid harlem shake boston marathon the royal baby samsung galaxy as for police station for in north korea. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: 0 the joy of shopping peace owner of the car was so excited the truck was left open and if there was any bank in the truck
8:45 pm
nasa say is gone now so maybe i'll help them in the spirit of the holiday. dizzily is having a little hard times getting into this parking spot may be good upstanding citizen will step and derrick >> reporter: you coming in?, on our return there you go, in someone more back up a little but i know it's hard to see sometimes and just be careful and don't leave your purse in the front seat. >> reporter: let the driver of the small city's dance, purses on the floor. for this and the cooper filled with luggage. even if this even if you have a bike in might be a good addition to drop it off before going shopping and especially wrapping gifts it is way too tempting. >> reporter: there are green about the s u b been parked next to that as you be so bloody who did the worst parking climbed in the passenger side and readjusted her as you bay. that was battered again she won the upset now right? you
8:46 pm
know what she don't let me park. the worst offender in a parking lot with ashley doesn't fall under the vehicle code is parking illegally in debt disabled parking spot. this you got a place card right you got a this is the place card don't use bills are about that. seconds later this mini van parked in the same spot and a lady in a wheelchair appeared we have a hard time to park? >> reporter:remember to use common courtesy while shopping and try not to run over the employess getting the shopping carts in daly city stanley roberts >> reporter:the holidays can't be too happy around the judd household. especially when you accuse your own sister of spying on you. talk about a family feud. ashley judd says big sister wynonna is secretly trying to watch her every move by putting a tracking device on her car. >> reporter:ashley even filed a police report after her mechanic discovered a wireless gps tracker on her mini cooper. so why would the country music superstar bug her sister's car? according to the police report obtained by inside edition, it's not meant for ashley
8:47 pm
at all. >> reporter:but for wynonna's 17 year old daughter grace who mom thought would be behind the wheel of the mini cooper. and allegedly just wanted to keep tabs on the teen. the judd sisters have had a rocky relationship over the years. while putting a tracking device on someone's car can be considered a crime, authorities say they're not pursuing charges. >> reporter:i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news. the >> jacqueline: >> jacqueline: this marks the 11th straight day for their quality patrick would burning is dead and pollution is trapped close to the ground compressed. no we're for it to go. until a storm system comes through and through state and out. satellite radar picture shows the bay area the green
8:48 pm
here on the screen to drive for us to see any rain hit the ground. storm systems that were merged together once that will happen a few gusty winds possibly a few light showers. for portions of the bay area possible showers in the market thursday morning temperature wise we will remain in the 30's to start the day and into the afternoon it will be breezy for the cold front pushing through for about 4:00. cooler up there tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 50s lower 60s. we do have a slight chance of showers thursday morning
8:49 pm
and will improve and to the weekend. >> jacqueline: we will keep you posted throughout the week. >> pam: as the 49ers get ready to say farewell to candlestick park before they move down to santa clara. the team and the city threw open the doors to the media for a behind the scenes
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >>video years. candlestick park has been the home to some of the greatest teams in n-f-l history. originally built for the san candlestick park has been the home of the 49ers since 1971. >> reporter: the big night in st. louis. as we switch gears a bit. drinking the juice i have to find out what was and that stuff.
8:54 pm
things were looking good early on in all day long. right in front of the net christmas is a week from tomorrow and the san jose sharks have sent out their video christmas card.take a listen. that was the top 28 seconds there. the video christmas card is actually six minutes long.all of the sharks announcers and star players make an appearance. right now the sharks are up three to two in st. louis. >>
8:55 pm
>> reporter:today we had an upclose look at the stick. walking around the empty stadium.yes it is certainly historic but it does give you a real feel for how old this place is. we're talking 1960. you're about to see a shot of the grass. that's the spot where the famous "catch" happened back in the day. coach jim harbaugh says the focus this week is the team going out on top during the final game at candlestick. >> we do not want to beady guys that was at candlestick for the last game. >> reporter:big day for the
8:56 pm
stanford cardinals football program. >> reporter:four of their players were named to the a.p. all american team. what does that mean? it means four of their players were really really good this year. offensive guard david yankey is a 1st teamer. linebacker trent murphy and kick returner ty montgomery are both second teamers. and finally linebacker shane skov was a third team selection. stanford has 11 wins this year and just two losses. they will play in the rose bowl against the michigan state spartans on new year's day. >> reporter: have to get to the good stuff on this lottery winner. >> reporter: we now know the winning ticket was sold at jenny's gift shop in san jose $636 million. the maker of ball was 7. we are now hearing that another winning ticket may have been sold in georgia. how much money will go to the lucky's when in
8:57 pm
san jose? >> pam: see you at 11
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